AI will not take away jobs, it will create jobs

AI has the potential to both create and eliminate jobs. It is true that AI technologies can create new job opportunities in areas such as machine learning, data analysis, and software development. However, it is also possible that AI could automate certain jobs and displace human workers in other areas.

While some experts believe that AI will ultimately lead to a net increase in jobs, others argue that the transition to a more automated workforce may be disruptive and create significant social and economic challenges. It is important for policymakers and businesses to anticipate these potential changes and develop strategies to manage the impact of automation on the labour force.

Ultimately, the impact of AI on jobs will depend on a range of factors, including the specific technology being implemented, the industries affected, and the overall economic and social context in which the technology is being deployed. It is important to approach this issue with a nuanced understanding of the potential risks and benefits of AI, and to work collaboratively to ensure that the benefits of this technology are distributed fairly and equitably.

The impact of AI on job security has been a topic of debate but the perspective has been changed so far. According to him, AI has created more job opportunities rather than taking them away. During a recent Q&A session at MWC 2023 in Barcelona, Gurnani expressed his optimism about the potential of Generative AI and its impact on the job market in the upcoming months. He stated that the technology is still evolving, and its use cases are still being defined, which implies that it has the potential to create more jobs in the future.

Despite recent layoffs in the tech industry, Gurnani does not believe that it is a sign of a tech winter. He argues that the sector is still growing, and companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are still experiencing growth in their results. If these companies do not require as many employees as before, they are simply reallocating resources to different areas.

Gurnani’s positive outlook on the role of technology in job creation reflects the potential of AI and other technological advancements to create new job opportunities in the future. He emphasizes the importance of technology in today’s world and the need for businesses to adapt to these changes to remain competitive.

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